About Us

A central theme of the SCSG is to improve the dissemination of information on this incredible group of species. Small carnivores represent over half of all species in the order Carnivora. This diverse group includes over 150 species in 9 families (Ailuridae, Eupleridae, Herpestidae, Mephitidae, Mustelidae, Nandiniidae, Prionodontidae, Procyonidae, and Viverridae; Schipper et al. (2008). Research findings, interesting natural history observations, records and reviews of species distributions are published in our biannual journal Small Carnivore Conservation at (http://www.smallcarnivoreconservation.org)

To aid in this effort and development of this site, we encourage you to submit information about meetings or conferences, weblinks, news articles, publications, and other items related to small carnivores.

Goals of the SCSG as Established by the IUCN

1)Provide leadership for the conservation of all small carnivore species.

2) Determine and review on a continuing basis the status and needs of small carnivores, and support effective research, conservation, and management programs.

3) Make known the status and conservation needs of small carnivores, and promote their wise management.