Black-Footed Ferrets(Mustela nigripes) Approximately 1,000 individuals of this North American species remain in the wild and in captivity.  Despite the recent increasing trend in numbers, only three viable populations remain in the wild and the species is still at risk from  habitat loss, low genetic variation, and the threat of Canine Distemper Virus.

Pygmy Raccoon (Procyon pygmaeus) Found only on Cozumel Island off the coast of Mexico, the pygmy raccoon is listed as critically endangered. Numbers are estimated to be less than 1,000 individuals with a larger proportion of adults than juveniles. Periodic hurricanes combined with non-native species contribute to the overall decline of the species.

Malabar Civet (Viverra civettina) Endemic to the Western Ghats of India, the Malabar Civet numbers less than 250 individuals and is critically endangered. Population status is unknown but thought to be declining due to a nearly complete loss of habitat. The few remaining individuals are marginalized in fragmented and sub-optimal habitat.

The SCSG works to protect, conserve, and understand 150 extant species of small carnivores around the world. Through the efforts of our members, we are able to address important data gaps, monitor changes in distribution and population trends,  and identify species in need of immediate conservation action. The majority of small carnivore species are either decreasing or lack information to determine the status of the species.

The Need for Conservation

Examples of Species in Need of Conservation Effort.