1. New members are primarily identified in the following ways;
     a.  By recommendation of a current member who is familiar with the candidates work and experience with small                    carnivores
     b.  By invitation when a qualified person is identified that could fill a distinct knowledge gap in the expertise of our                membership because they work in a particular geographic area or with a specific species of small carnivore  
     c.  In rare cases, a person who feels qualified but has not been recommended may apply as a new member. Outside              applicants should submit a CV and a letter of inquiry stating their interests and credentials to one of the Co-                    Director’s or the Membership Coordinator. Qualifications include but are not limited to years of experience                      working with small carnivores, publications, ongoing projects, graduate education.
2. New members should submit to the Membership Coordinator or the Director's a CV, a brief profile, and a photo for          the SCSG website.  

3. Active participation at some level is a requirement for membership. As part of the application process, candidates will      need to submit a statement that describes how they plan to participate as a member. This will help identify our                strengths and find areas where we have gaps. We also strongly encourage new members to propose new ideas to help      expand the role of SCSG in small carnivore conservation. 
4. Annual dues of $20.00 US are recommended but not expected where it would lead to financial hardship 


Our group of technical experts from over 25 countries promotes the conservation of the world’s small carnivores through science-based research, management, and education.

1. Abramov, Alexei (Russia)

2. Akrim, Faraz (Pakistan)
3. Angelici, Francesco Maria (Italy)
4. Austin, Sean (Cambodia)
5. Belant, Jerry (United States of America)
6. Boulter, Simon (United Kingdom)

7. Brodie, Jedediah  (Canada) Profile

8. Carter, Steve (United Kingdom)

9. Cavallini, Paolo (Italy)
10. Ceballos, Gerardo (Mexico)

11. Cuaron, Alfredo (Mexico)

12. Desmoulins Aude (France)

13. Diment, Alex

14. Do Linh San, Emmanuel (South Africa)
15. Dollar, Luke (United States)

16. Dragoo, Jerry (United States of America)
17. Duckworth, John William (Lao)
18. Eizirik, Eduardo (Brazil)
19. Engel, Thomas (Germany)
20. Evans, Meaghan (United States of America)

21. Ferguson, Adam
22. Fung, Tze Kwan (Singapore)

23. Gallway, Allan (United Kingdom)

24. Garvey, Pat (New Zealand)

25. Gaubert, Philippe (France)
26. Ghimirey, Yadav (Nepal)

27. Giordano, Anthony (United States of America)
28. Gómez, Asunción (Spain)

29. Gompper, Matthew (United States of America)
30. González-Maya, José F. (Colombia)
31. Hapeman, Paul (United States of America)

32. Hayward, Matt (Poland) Profile
33. Helgen, Kristofer (United States of America)
34. Jathanna, Devcharan (India)
35. Jennings, Andy (United States of America)
36. Karanth, Ulas (India)
37. Kays, Roland (United States of America)

38. Khatiwara, Sunita (India)
39. Koepfli, Klaus-Peter (United States of America)
40. Kumar, Ajith (India)
41. Long, Barney (United States of America)
42. Manghi, Giovanni (Portugal)
43. Maran, Tiit (Estonia)
44. Mathai, John (Malaysia)

45. Merson, Sam (United Kingdom) Profile

46. Mohd-Azlan J. Azad (Malaysia) Profile

47. Monakhov, Vladimir (Russia)
48. Moriarty, Katie (United States of America)

49. Mudappa, Divya (India)
50. Muir, Stewart (United Kingdom)
51. Phan, Channa (Cambodia)

52. Põdra, Madis (Estonia)

53. Powell, Roger (United States of America)
54. Prakash, Nisarg (India)

55. Prevosti, Pancho (Argentina)

56. Proulx, Gilbert (Canada) Profile
57. Ray, Justina (Canada)
58. Rey, Elodie (France)

59. Roberton, Scott (Vietnam)
60. Rosalino, Luís Miguel (Portugal) 

61. Rosoux, Rene (France)
62. Ross, Joana (United Kingdom)
63. Roy, Sugoto (Switzerland)

64. Schiaffini, Mauro (Argentina)
65. Schipper, Jan (United States of America)
66. Schreiber, Arnd (Germany)

67. Shalabi, Mohammed A. (Japan) Profile

68. Sheffield, Steve (United States of America)

69. Shepherd, Chris (Malaysia)
70. Skorupski, Jakub (Poland)

71. Somers, Michael (South Africa)
72. Srikant, Shikha (India)

73. Taylor, Mark (Canada)

74. Timmins, Robert (United States of America)

75. Ullah Khan, Tauheed (Pakistan)
76. van Maanen, Erwin (The Netherlands)
77. Veron, Geraldine (France)
78. Wade, David (United States of America)
79. Wells, Stuart (United States of America)
80. Willcox, Daniel

81. Wilting, Andreas (Germany)
82. Wirth, Roland (Germany)
83. Zahler, Peter (United States of America)

84. Zárrate-Charry, Diego  (Colombia) Profile

85. Zeveloff, Sam (United States of America) Profile
86. Zielinski, William (United States of America)